Elastuff 120 Coating "Polyurethane"


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Why United Coatings Elastuff 120 Coating?

Elastuff 120 Coating is a 100% solids ASTM Type V Butyl-polyurethane elastomer in a high-build, consistency. Elastuff 120 Coating is a two-component, 1:1 ratio material. Part A component contains the isocyanate. Part B component contains the curative solution.

This system provides a limited workable pot life, and therefore does not require specialized application equipment. Elastuff 120 Coating can be applied by trowel or can be thinned slightly to create a brush/roller-grade version for use on vertical and horizontal applications requiring either heavy or light film builds. Elastuff 120 Coating is a thermosetting polymer coating, which yields a dense, slick finish. The non-porous nature and excellent hydrolytic stability, coupled with resistance to cathodic disbondment, make Elastuff 120 Coating an excellent barrier to moisture and corrosion.

Designed to protect surfaces subjected to abrasion under immersion or wet environments, Elastuff 120 Coating can be used in potable water systems, salt water, various slurry systems, and numerous acid and base solutions.

The high tensile strength of Elastuff 120 Coating contributes to its resistance to abrasion and tearing. This toughness, combined with its high elongation properties, results in outstanding flexibility and impact resistance.