Roofshield Top Coat Acrylic Reflective Elastomeric (12-Year Limited Warranty)


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Why United Coatings Roofshield Coating?

United Coatings Roofshield Coating is a water-based acrylic roof coating that provides a durable, protective weathering layer for low-slope roofs. United Coatings Roofshield Coating is also highly reflective, directing heat and UV away from the building. This reduces the wear and tear on the membrane below as well as lowering the temperature inside the building, saving costs during warm and hot summer months.

Benefits of United Coatings Roofshield Coating include:

  • High 88% Initial Reflectivity:  Saves energy cost by reflecting heat away from the building
  • Water-based and Low VOC:  Approved for use even in states with tough UV standards
  • Versatile:  Can be applied by spray, roller, or brush