HydroStop BarrierGuard Waterproofing

  • Apply to all types of concrete and masonry surfaces for a waterproof barrier.
  • Use on foundation walls, retaining walls, concrete shrubbery boxes.
  • NSF 61 approval makes it a perfect solution for cisterns and potable water tanks.
  • Ideal for underground waterproofing and lining water-retaining structures. 


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Why HydroStop BarrierGuard Waterproofing?

HydroStop BarrierGuard Waterproofing, when mixed with water, Portland cement, and fully reinforced with HydroStop PremiumCoat Fabric, it forms a hard-wearing, flexible compound with excellent resistance to standing water. 

BarrierGuard can be applied to concrete and masonry. It can be used for waterproofing foundation walls, basements, masonry shrubbery boxes, and for lining water-retaining structures, concrete panels and moisture-retaining structures.

Benefits of HydroStop BarrierGuard Waterproofing include:

  • Resists acid rain and chemical pollutants to protect from chemical spills and fallout damage.
  • Meets VOC emissions and regulations to eliminate facility downtime during installation.
  • Will not peel off like stick-on adhesives.