Primers & Cleaners

Primers and cleaners are effective in enhancing adhesion over metal substrates providing protection against rust and corrosion.

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Why use Primers & Cleaners?

Primers are designed to penetrate and seal porous substrates and to improve the adhesion of high-performance top coats. It helps to “solidify” punky or chalky conditions; increases the bond of acrylic, polyurethane, butyl, and epoxy top coats to a variety of surfaces. Clean dirt and exposure based contaminants from surfaces and seams to prolong their life.

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  • Low Viscosity: Allows sealer to penetrate very small crevices and preserve porous surfaces.
  • Concrete Dusting: In-depth protection helps reduce concrete dusting and minimize maintenance.
  • Anti-Spalling: Helps protect and preserve concrete in a stable condition.


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