StreetBond 120 Part A+B Kit (A 3.75 gal / B 1 qt.)

Transform and Protect Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces Such As:

- Plazas & Community Areas

- Crosswalks, Cycle Lanes, and Bus Lanes

- Urban Renewal Projects

- Playgrounds

- Residential Driveways

Environmentally Friendly 

- Water Based Acylic Coating

- Safe and easy to apply with Low VOCs

- Reflective Coatings Reduce Heat Islands 

- Skid Resistant and Color Stable


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High-Performance Textured Coating for Asphalt & Concrete Pavement

StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coating is a two-component extended version of StreetBond SB150 advanced water- borne epoxy-modified acrylic coating. StreetBond SB120 has been formulated for use on pedestrian applications such as raised medians, plazas, and pathways and very low-to-no vehicular traffic applications including cycle lanes. Although its durability is less than that of StreetBond SB150, it has all the same
balanced properties: flexibility, adhesion, color stability, and chemical resistance. StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coating will also extend asphalt life by protecting it from the harmful effects of oxidation due to UV exposure weathering.

Benefits of StreetBond® SB120 Pavement Coatings include: 

  • Driveways, cycle lanes, pathways, raised medians, pedestrian plazas
  • Asphalt preservation
  • Can be used on concrete with proper surface preparation (See
    Substrate Guide)
  • StreetBond SB120® Pavement Coating is combined with StreetBond
    Colorants to offer a wide range of colors and can also be combined with
    StreetBond Solar Reflective (SR) Colorants to produce a cool pavement
    surface for compliance with LEED specifications for urban heat island
    mitigation and to provide more comfortable environments for non-vehicular
  • StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coating creates no unpleasant odors during
    or after installation. StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coating is fully recyclable
    with asphalt. StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coating’s friction properties
    are suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular applications.