StreetBond® Concrete Primer QS Parts A, 1-gallon & B, 1-Gallon


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 Concrete Primer QS is designed to enhance the
adhesion of StreetBond® coatings to new, aged, and patched
concrete surfaces. Concrete Primer QS is used in the surface
preparation for concrete parking lots, crosswalks, driveways,
pathways, level and raised medians, and entryways. Additionally,
it can be used on asphalt in cases where adhesion issues have
been previously seen.

● Easy to clean up
● Low odor
● Versatile... Can be applied by roller, brush, or airless sprayer

Mixing: Mix Part A with an equal amount of Part B catalyst. Stir thoroughly for three (3) minutes. Dilute the combined mix (Part A
and Part B) in a 1:1 ratio with MEK or acetone to optimize performance and coverage rates. Stir thoroughly for an additional two
(2) minutes. After mixing, allow a minimum of twenty (20) minutes for sweat-in before using. One gallon of the final mix (one
Part A, one Part B and two parts MEK or acetone) will cover approximately 400 - 500 ft2