GAF Lock-Down Primer


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Why GAF Lock‑Down Primer?

Lock-Down Primer exhibits the unique ability to “wet” into weathered substrates, developing superior adhesion while resisting corrosive conditions, even when sound surface rust is present. Loose, flaking, or unsound rusted metal must be brought into sound condition or replaced. Lock-Down Primer is an excellent primer for use under acrylic or solvent-based roof coatings and industrial finishes.

Benefits of GAF Lock-Down Primer include:

  • Adhesion:  Low viscosity allows it to penetrate and “wet” into weathered or sound rusted surfaces, imparting a tenacious chemical and physical bond between the substrate and subsequent top coat
  • Weathering:  After 2,000 hours of accelerated weathering exposure, coated panels showed no rust bleed, creeping, undercutting, or any deterioration along the Lock-Down Primer lines
  • Salt-Spray Resistance:  After 500 hours of exposure to salt spray, the sample showed only minimal blistering and slight rusting along the primer lines