United Coatings CanyonTone Stain


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Why United Coatings CanyonTone Stain?

Liquid-applied United Coatings CanyonTone  Stain corrects natural color imperfections in the substrate by imparting permanent color uniformity plus excellent water repellency without disturbing the natural texture of the substrate.

Benefits of United Coatings CanyonTone Stain include:

  • Uniformity of Appearance:  Toning pigments are chemically suspended in solution at all times by a proven process that eliminates settling and color variations on the structure.
  • Color Retention:  Non-fading toning pigments are durable and will greatly resist ultraviolet and ozone attack.
  • Non-Oxidizing:  Does not contain any ingredients that will oxidize, such as vegetable and marine oils, which cause rapid degradation and allow moisture intrusion.
  • Non-Lapping:  Utilizes a unique acrylic resin formulation which, together with its low degree of pigmentation and sheen, virtually eliminates lap-marks under most application conditions.
  • Allows Moisture Vapor To Escape:  From the building interior while providing excellent water repellency on the exterior through the use of hydrophobic resins.
  • No Peeling Or Flaking:  does not peel or flake from a properly prepared substrate as do typical “paint” finishes.