Surface Seal SB Thermoplastic Rubber Coating


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Why Surface Seal SB Roof Coating?

Surface Seal SB is a solvent-based, sprayable thermoplastic rubber coating that cures to form a seamless rubber membrane. It is highly reflective, provides extra protection, and is highly flexible to accommodate temperature-related expansion and contraction of the roof system.

Benefits of Surface Seal SB Roof Coating include:

  • ENERGY STAR-certified (U.S. only) reflectivity can dramatically decrease building temperatures (White only)
  • Highly reflective and listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council for solar reflectance and thermal emittance (White only)
  • Protect and restore aged MOD-BIT, BUR, Metal, and Concrete
  • Approved for overburden (tile) when applied over concrete
  • Great for parapet walls