United Coatings UniCaps Fastener Cover


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Why United Coatings UniCap Fastener Cover?

An innovative method of preventing leaks, rust, and back-out of metal roof fasteners, United Coatings UniCap Fastener Covers consist of a coatable aluminum facing backed with an adhesive modified butyl. The discs are pre-sized to neatly conform around the fastener head when pressed in place with a fastener cover sealing tool.

Benefits of United Coatings UniCap Fastener Cover include:

  • Strong:  The adhesive properties of the butyl-backed fastener cover promote great adhesion to metal roof fasteners.
  • Secure:  Seals the perimeter of the disc around the outside of the fastener.
  • Cost-effective:  A neat and efficient alternative to caulks and mastics for sealing metal roof fasteners.
  • Versatile:  Can be coated or left exposed.