More Than Just A Supplier

More Than Just A Supplier

The GAF Liquid Applied Membrane workshop hosted by our parent company, Manley deBoer in Key West, FL, is the latest example.

When you purchase HydroStop Supply you’re not just getting an innovative product. With us, you get a team of industry experts dedicated to the success of your business. Our goal is not only to supply you with the best products and expert sales support but also to be your resource of latest industry knowledge to help your business thrive.

Hands-On GAF Product Training

GAF-HydroStop Roof Coatings Workshop

Do you want your first experience trying a new product to be on your client’s property?

Probably not. We can learn a lot from reading datasheets, watching online videos, and YouTube channels. But there’s still no replacement to getting your hands on the product and using it. Being able to ask questions on the spot and up-close with expert instructor-led demos offers a deeper understanding. GAF,, and parent company Manley deBoer Lumber come together a few times a year to deliver that in-depth product training across the coatings category. 

Expert Instruction Straight From GAF

GAF brought executives and other top-talent from around the country to provide insight and inspiration to the attendees. Louisiana, Texas, Cleveland, and South Carolina are just a few of the places GAF traveled from to be in attendance. Each of the specialists would jump in to answer questions with specific examples from their personal on-site experience.

GAF’s Lead Instructor, Daniel Pena, brought humor, relevance, and expertise to each lesson. Daniel is a third-generation roofing contractor who started after Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida and his Dad needed some extra hands around the job sites. Contracting in a tropical climate faces its own specific set of obstacles. Early on Daniel got hands-on experience finding solutions to each of them. As a close partner, we’re thankful to have a direct line to Daniel as part of our support team for our customers.


Contractors, builders, roofing professionals, and specialists filled almost every seat in the audience to learn leading industry technology from a trusted source. Over 35 people from 10+ companies traveled from all over South Florida to expand their skill set.

Some companies in attendance included:

Kevin - Bone Island Roofing. 25 years in the business. “3rd or 4th seminar. Every time I learn more details and characteristics about the product to help me expand my scope and speak knowledgeably across the entire product line. Liquid applied coatings has helped me raise margins.”

The Event: “GAF Liquid Coatings Work Shop” 

Attendees got their hands dirty with GAF liquid-applied products. The workshop covered 20 years of industry content on liquid-applied roofing and concrete waterproofing in just two days. They learned why, when, and how to achieve the best performance, minimize installation issues and increase profitability.


Liquid Applied Membrane Work Shop Itinerary

Day #1 - Liquid-Applied Roofing

Day One was all about the HydroStop System. Daniel covered topics such as:

  • Roof Coating vs. Liquid Roof Membrane
  • How to sell. Benefits based strategy: Sustainable, Savings, Support, Versatile, Tested & Guaranteed
  • HydroStop System Application Process - Step By Step
  • LIQUID TPO - Protect & Restore existing TPO Roofing
  • Qualification - What makes a roof a good candidate for restoration?
  • Biocide-Free Roof Coating for Rainwater Catchment - NSF Protocol 151
  • Service Repairs and Maintenance Solutions

    Day #2 - Concrete Waterproofing

    Day Two focused on different aspects of concrete waterproofing. Topics covered included: 

  • Concrete Qualification and Preparation 
  • Concrete Decks with Tile Overburden - NOA# 18-0119.11
  • Waterproofing Openings for Windows - FMA/AAMA 200-12
  • BarrierGuard® Waterproofing - NSF/ASNI 61

    The workshop took place center-stage inside the Manley deBoer warehouse.  Walking in each morning attendees were greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and donuts. A wide taped-off area was in the middle of the warehouse with chairs centered around the perimeter, giving a 180-degree view.

    To the left was the demonstration area. Daniel reviewed multiple job situations, covering several real-world challenges and how HydroStop provides the solution. After the lesson, attendees would step to the right side of the stage, to individual workstations, and try it for themselves. 

    Attendees applied the HydroStop System to a vent pipe extrusion. Roof penetrations and details are typically where leaks originate from, so it was a particularly informative exercise.

    The GAF team covered proper application techniques such as:

    • Using enough product to no longer see the words on the fabric.
    • Working the brush around the same direction as you laid the fabric.
    • Dry time vs cure time.
    • How to properly ensure adhesion.
    2 lbs of upforce is ______(Florida) code. HydroStop System properly applied can consistently provide up to 5lbs of force.

    Gain insights only achieved by physically working with the product.

    It helps to look, touch, and use the product up close to get a thorough understanding. For example, knowing what consistency you are looking for when mixing HydroFiber Bulking Agent with HydroStop BarrierGuard. (Hint: It’s more of a slurry than a paste). These workshops offer the opportunity for first-hand experience before showing up at the job site. Daniel passed around buckets so (in the case of the HydroFiber) attendees could feel the product they’d be using. He showed packaging for various products so team members would know what’s what when it arrives at the job sites.

    Live Demonstrations

    The hands-on experience didn’t only come from the individual workstation portion of the workshop, attendees also participated in the live demonstrations of the lessons.

    Demonstrations included:

    • How to Apply The HydroStop System (ie. how to Start, Run, and Terminate the application)
    • Applying Barrier Guard to Concrete
    • Waterproofing Building Verticles
    • GAF Bonding


    In addition to product demos, Daniel gave concise overviews of essential tools and how to use them. Tools such as moisture readers, wet mill gauges (to manage your coverage rates), and a remarkably effective strategy to secure your brush head to the pole (by knocking it on the floor, handle down.)


    Beyond Tips and Tricks

    Craftsmanship and “know-how” are essential for contractors, roofing teams, and builders of all types. However the success of your business also largely depends on your ability to close deals. This workshop also covered a range of topics on just that. This workshop was so full of practical advice from the business perspective that we decided to break it into its own post.

  - a trusted partner and your go-to resource.

    Our relationship with GAF is mutually beneficial and an asset to our customers. You receive information and experience on current industry trends, and GAF gains insight into customers’ needs. GAF gets the chance to field job-specific questions, ask what sales materials would help, and what’s the easiest way for people to access them.

    Hosting workshops like this is one way we hope to create a channel of communication between the manufacturer, supplier, and the consumer for maximum business efficiency. Why? Because we are invested in the success of your business and aim to be a go-to resource and not just a supplier. That's HydroStop being a partner with you, the Roofing professional.



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