The Business Case For Liquid Applied Membranes

The Business Case For Liquid Applied Membranes

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Knowing how to apply the HydroStop System is only one piece of the puzzle. Our workshops also focus on the business perspective. Daniel lays out the economics of using Liquid Applied Membranes vs. other applications. How to increase profits and close more contracts. 

HydroStop Roof Coatings add efficiencies to your roofing business.

Liquid applied membranes offer numerous economic benefits to the building’s contractor, roofing professional, architect, and engineer. 

Reduce Your Crew Size.

Liquid-applied coatings, such as the HydroStop System, allow you to reduce your team size. There’s no need for a 10-12 person crew when the same job can get done with 3-4 people using HydroStop. This allows a larger company to split teams up across multiple potential jobs. As well as approach and quote larger commercial projects with confidence.  

Cut Your Costs and Reduce Your Liability. 

Using liquid applied membranes, like HydroStop, can help cut both short-term and long-term costs. How? More efficient technology that improves labor processes significantly. HydroStop is easier than building with traditional roofing systems. A traditional roof is pre-made in a factory, shipped to the site, and then forced to fit onto the building. Logisitics aside, this process is labor-intensive and can be costly in the long run due to the potential problems that can arise from a poor fit. HydroStop’s application process is simpler and provides a custom fit that molds to roof details. 

  • Much Easier Logistically.
    • HydroStop is the Modern-day Built-Up Roof system, molded and built on sight.
    • Traditional asphaltic roofs are prefabricated in a factory and then trucked to the job site. 
    • Provides a custom fit for every roof to meet individual needs.
  • Easily applied with simple tools. 
    • Just a brush, fabric, and the liquid.
    • No open flames.
    • No heavy equipment. 

Robert -  Extreme Roofing. 30 years in the business. “Once you start using HydroStop you add 6 figures to your business. Easy.” 

How To Close More Roofing Contracts

Focusing on unique product benefits and positioning yourself as the expert are important factors in increasing your contract closing rates.

Focus on the Benefits.  

The workshop gave tips on how HydroStop can help you can increase your contract closing rate. Compared to other roofing applications, liquid applied membranes, like the HydroStop System, offer undeniable benefits that will differentiate your proposal. By leveraging key benefits no available from traditional roofing practices, you'll stand out from your competitors. Focus on these main factors in your sales pitch: 

  • Energy Savings 
    • HydroStop has been proven to reduce a building’s energy costs by up to 30 percent. This is due to its highly reflective, white surface that emits heat back to the sky instead of absorbing it into the building below. 
  • Durability 
    • HydroStop has proven to withstand extreme weather resistance, like that from hurricanes. With harsh weather being a crucial factor in South Florida infrastructure, HydroStop is Miami-Dade County Approved. 
  • No Tear-Offs
  • Roofing tear-offs result in millions of pounds of landfill waste each year. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s also costly for your business. The HydroStop System can be used over top any substrates saving you time and demolition efforts. 
  • No Disruptions 
  • HydroStop eliminates the noisy factors of traditional roofing, like having to lift AC units and raise drains. This allows schools, hotels, and other noise-sensitive facilities to stay open for uninterrupted business. 
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership  
  • With HydroStop, you’ll only need to restore (not replace) the roof. Instead of costly roof reconstruction, you’ll only need to do periodic touch-ups. With proper maintenance, your roof will outlast the life of your building.  

  • Position Yourself As The Expert.

    GAF is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer; it’s easy to make the mistake of leaning on that fact alone. However, when selling HydroStop, it’s essential to speak about the product with knowledge of its different usages. Use product facts to advise your customer on the right solution for the job.

    Every time you suggest a product and explain why by outlining the benefits, you position yourself as the expert.

    Ask your customer what they are looking to achieve. What’s important to them? Is it to reduce costs? Be more sustainable? Are they looking to recycle rainwater? Then advise them on the best product and why. Suggesting different product strategies for different case scenarios (when called for) will present your company as a more reliable, professional, and credible partner for the project.

    Knowing which products and tools work best in different situations, you have the opportunity to take on a variety of projects available for bid at the time. Ideally, only work on projects you want to take on.

    • Don’t just rely on the GAF name.
    • Speak to the fact-based benefits of the product.
    • Match your product offering/solution to the customer’s goals.
    • Introduce and suggest different use case scenarios. 

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    Capture Regular Recurring Revenue

    One of the greatest benefits of HydroStop is that it can help capture recurring revenue. Not a one-and-done, “call me in 25 years when you need to replace your roof” situation. Service your customer’s roof for the life of the building with regularly scheduled maintenance work and inspections. As an alternative to heavy reconstruction, your customers will only need occasional check-ins and touch-ups for a fraction of the price. 

    • Generate reliable and predictable cash flow.
    • Build a lasting customer relationship.
    • Sustainable, non-invasive maintenance is an attractive differentiator for your business.  

    Follow-ups are not only to ensure customer satisfaction but have the added benefit of building trust. It lets your client know you will be there when needed.

    Every Dollar Spent on HydroStop is a Dollar Invested In Your Business. 

    When you choose HydroStop, you invest in the life cycle of your building and the continued growth of your business. The business case for using liquid-applied membranes is strong. 


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